eZ Platform

eZ Platform

Content-rich websites and applications better, create faster and easier

During the technology transition from Legacy to Symfony, the well-known CMS eZ Publish became the new eZ Platform. The manufacturer eZ Systems differentiates between the pure open source and the commercial open source offer.

eZ Platform Open Source Edition

The eZ Platform Open Source Edition is the core of the latest version of the CMS eZ Publish. Based on the full-stack framework Symfony, the open source CMS eZ Platform enables users to tailor their content model to their individual wishes and to distribute content as desired. 

It's no longer just about content management, but rather about managing digital experiences. The core of the eZ Platform Open Source Edition is a sophisticated yet simple web content management system that encompasses the entire spectrum of the process of attracting users with relevant content. Create - Deliver - Optimize: constant optimization is the formula for success.

The eZ Platform Open Source Edition is designed to be extended and adapted in order to offer an optimal solution basis for projects. To do this, it provides all the key functions that every website needs, such as:

  • Creating, editing and deleting content
  • A large number of input options (text, date, link lists and many more)
  • A clear interface, also optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-use rich-text input editor with extended page preview: editors always have an overview of how their pages can look on different devices such as desktop, tablet or smartphone and adjust them immediately if necessary
  • Configuration options for administrators (page types, user management, roles and policies, ...)

eZ Platform Enterprise Edition

The eZ Platform Enterprise Edition differs from the Open Source variant by the Page Builder extension, support and maintenance services. Both editions are based on the same core, the Symfony Fullstack Framework, and include the repository and the content management framework. 

The Page Builder is not an independent, commercial product but a component of the eZ Platform Enterprise Edition and forms a special feature offer for editors and marketers with many possibilities such as landing page editing, flexible workflow and e.B. in-page editing.

Symfony Stack
Basierend auf Full-Stack-Framework Symfony
Durch die Nutzung von Symfony2 in seiner vollständigen Form ist eZ völlig kompatibel mit jedem Projekt oder Plugin, das unter Verwendung des Frameworks Symfony entwickelt wurde
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Content Repository
Ein flexibles, strukturiertes Content-Repository
Verwalten Sie Versionen von Inhaltselementen, Übersetzungen, Inhalte-Workflows und semantischen Inhaltsbeziehungen für eine elegantere Bereitstellung von Inhalten.
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User Experience
Der völlig überarbeitete Online-Editor der eZ Platform ermöglicht es Redakteuren ihre Inhalte noch einfacher und schneller zu erstellen mit erweiterter Seiten-Vorschau für die verschiedenen Endgeräte
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Multisite und Multilanguage
Multisite und Mehrsprachigkeit
Managen Sie mehrere Seiten oder Apps von einer einzigen, sicheren Plattform aus und liefern Sie Inhalte in verschiedenen Sprachen
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Multi Channel
Einmal erstellen, beliebig und einfach in unterschiedlichen Kanälen veröffentlichen, teilen, wieder verwenden.
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