Basic costs

Tourism solution

General system deployment

Regardless of your website, the cluster environment needs some sort of basic computing power in which all functions are covered. This includes, for example, storage space management, the management of the cluster itself, the search functions, the monitoring of the Internet pages and much more. For this basic performance, a corresponding computing power is required.

The amount of computing power required grows more slowly here. We currently use several of the standard_E4as_v5 offered by Microsoft Azure.

Daily tasks

In order to perform the vast amount of daily tasks, a separate workspace of computing power is provided for the tourism solution. This computing power is completely independent of your website, so that it is not affected.

The costs for this are currently distributed across all participating tourism solutions. If several customers have a correspondingly large number of tasks at the same time, this can happen, for example, through the addition of a very large number of POIs by an interface provider, we will also scale this corresponding computing power for a limited period of time so that this new content is made available to all websites as quickly as possible.

We currently use the standard_D8as_v5 offered by Microsoft for processing such tasks, and we also scale with this hardware in the event of an increased workload.

Computing power for your website

Now we get to your actual website. This also requires processing power. This is the fastest growing pool of hardware we need. Each web page distributes itself with its promised reserved power for the corresponding web servers, caching and databases on one of these provided hardware.

With each new website, more computing power is reserved and to counteract a corresponding bottleneck, we expand our clusters with the appropriate hardware.

For the web pages we use the standard_E4as_v5 from Microsoft.


A CDN is used for the fast provision of content such as images. As soon as a visitor sees an image on your website, it is not downloaded from our server, but from corresponding servers in the vicinity of the respective visitor, whose task it is to provide this content as quickly as possible. This way we avoid that this traffic can be limited.

Load balancer and bandwidth

Each of our tourism solutions has two web servers. This is for fail-safety, but also allows an optimal distribution of incoming requests from visitors to your website. However, to use this service, twice the amount of computing power is needed.

Bandwidth simply means that data is pushed from A to B.


Previously we have read the word "fail-safe" several times, nevertheless we feel obliged to make additional backups of your internet site at regular intervals. These serve on the one hand for a restoration of your internet page in case of a total failure and on the other hand for the local development of our employees of your features on their computers. Since this is a backup of your data, we periodically move a backup of your site outside the cluster to an appropriate storage service from Microsoft. For this purpose we use a combination of "cold" for current backups and "archive" for older states. Also this transfer of the backup causes a chargeable bandwidth. This is always a FullBackup, which means that the backup time always includes your entire system.