inwebco ibexa / Page Builder Features

inwebco has extended and configured ibexa and Page Builder with a variety of functions as well as integrations from 3rd party software

ibexa Lösungen / inwebco ibexa / Page Builder Features

With the Page Builder, ibexa offers a tool for creating landing pages within the Ibexa Content Management System. The Page Builder allows an editor to select a layout for a landing page, which defines the layout of the landing page. Within the selected layout it is then possible to place and arrange teasers. The content displayed in the teaser can be added in the Page Builder via a corresponding input mask. The input fields are individual for each teaser, depending on the requirements for the teaser.

We have used the accumulated experience of our projects and added some powerful enhancements to ibexa with Page Builder. These range from the implementation of common technologies, to the optimization of configurations or technical developments.


WebChat für Microsoft Teams

Mit dem WebChat für Microsoft Teams können Sie Besuchern und Kunden Ihrer Website einen besonderen Service bieten.
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System environment


Varnish enables through the caching that a call of the page by a user does not have to go through all the remaining areas of a page. This stores a current state of the URL and can thus be passed directly to the browser with significant performance gain. No further queries are necessary, whereby an enormously high availability and fast delivery of the website is achieved even with few servers.
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The data structure memory Redis enables us to retrieve information specifically within a few milliseconds.
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Part of your data, which is always the same, such as assets, can be outsourced to other providers if required. This gives the visitor a performance gain and the site is also faster internationally, regardless of the server location.
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Reactive cache

We have made extensive adjustments to the caching system that allow us to have the cache within a webpage update only the data that has changed, rather than blanket updates of the entire webpage.
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For different environments or branches for testing and acceptance we use
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Solr is already fully integrated and configured as part of inwebco's advanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution.
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Asset Versioning

Asset versioning is used to immediately update assets after a deployment without losing the benefits of the browser cache.
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ESI allows targeted updating of the cache within a web page without having to update the entire cache.
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Virtual Machine

Our development is done locally. The same Docker containers are used as on the test and production instances, which means that any incompatibility is detected immediately. Should our customers also develop in parallel, inwebco provides access to the corresponding Docker containers.
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Backup management

The inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder extension provides mechanisms for creating and importing backups.
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A wide variety of data sources can be imported into the CMS via a standardized interface and are thus available for use in the CMS content (landing pages, teasers, ...).
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A migration of content and structures reduces the time required, significantly minimizes the susceptibility to errors and offers maximum flexibility in the operation of the various environments and development environments.
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eZ Platform

Multi-client systems

The multi-client capability of our systems allows you to easily manage multiple Web Solutions centrally and reuse content.
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Configurable search with facet function

With inwebco's advanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution, we have extended the frontend full text search with filters and facets that can be fully configured.
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Page configuration in the CMS backend

The advanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution has a wide range of configuration options that can be managed by the website owner directly in the CMS.
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Code data type for placing javascript

A new code data type allows content to be integrated into the page like embed code.
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Structured Root Nodes

The more content a system has, the more important it is to have a logical structure in order not to lose the overview and to be able to find content quickly.
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Media data type for integration of internal & external sources

For a centralized management of media such as images and videos from different sources, we have developed our own data type.
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Image copyright as watermark

Integrated in the system is the possibility to display copyright information directly in the image.
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To make it easier for prospects to bookmark products for later, the enhanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution has a bookmark or wish list functionality.
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Page Builder

Display and filtering of CMS objects in teasers

We have extended the Page Builder with the functionality to display and filter existing CMS content in teasers.
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Configurable header sections

It is possible to make the headers of a page very different using different parameters.
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Google Maps integration with proximity searches and filters

For the extension of eZ Platform and Page Builder we have created an implementation of maps for displaying locations and routes.
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We have extended the Page Images so that it can add teaser filters / facets in the frontend under a new tab called "Search Filter".
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Infinite scrolling / pagination for teasers

For certain teaser types it makes sense to offer a navigation. Here, the editor has the choice between classic pagination or infinite scrolling.
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3rd Party Integrationen

Social Media Planner

Social Media Planner enables scheduled (time and channel controlled) publishing of CMS content on social media channels.
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AddThis is a convenient way to place an option on desired pages to share the page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whats App and many other platforms.
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Facebook Open Graph

Via Facebook Open Graph, page content is marked up in a structured way for sharing.
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Google Sitemap

The system automatically generates multilingual sitemaps and a corresponding robots.txt for content that can be configured.
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A large number of page types of the extended eZ Platform / Page Builder solution from inwebco already have a declaration of Structured Data according to
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Autotesting with Behat / Behave / Browserstack

Via our BBB bundle (Behat / Behave / Browserstack) we test the behavior and display of our extensions.
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Facebook Instant Article

Using the Facebook Instant Article Integration, content can be directly optimized for Facebook.
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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The frontend is output optimized for Google via Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
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Google Tag Manager

The advanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution is configurable for Google Analytics as well as Google Tag Manager.
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Page Analysis


Call to actions and form from Hubspot can be integrated via Page Builder blocks.
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Twitter Pixel

For the use of the conversion tracking of Twitter, the Twitter pixel can be easily deposited via the CMS.
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Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel integration can be activated via the CMS.
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Series of blog articles on the enhanced inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder solution.

After realizing first projects with this new technology, we realized the enormous potential of Page Builder through some useful extensions. We made it our business to design and implement these visions. We would like to present the extensions so far in this series of entries in our blog.
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