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We have divided the Page Builder interface for editing teasers into different tabs. Under the "Settings" tab, you will find the Page Builder view, which is also available in a standard Page Builder. Here, settings can be made for the teaser.

The tab "Content" represents a completely new functionality added by inwebco. Under this tab, teasers can be enriched with CMS objects. Adding and browsing the CMS objects is done through the browse interface of eZ Platform. For the added objects it can be decided whether the object directly or its subobjects are added to the teaser. The content of the objects can thus be displayed and reused on the teasers. In this way, dynamic teasers and entire landing pages can be created in one system, which automatically grow as new objects are created. Furthermore, the added objects can be sorted and filtered. Using these extensive optional settings, the editor can specifically add the required CMS content to the teaser.

Part of our advanced page builder is also a pool of teasers that cover many often needed use cases. These teasers already take full advantage of the Page Builder enhancements.

Currently we have about 30 different teasers that also support different visual outputs via parameters, depending on the teaser.

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