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Discover inwebco's powerful backup solutions for ibexa! We create daily backups of your entire system, including database and media assets, by default, and provide you with mechanisms to create and import backups.

Independent of the server processing the original data, you can securely store your backups on a pre-configured remote server. In the backend, you have full control over your backups, with a clear list of all available backups under a special "Backup" menu item. Here you can find information such as backup time, size and type at a glance. You can also manually trigger new backups with just one click, if necessary, and the backups are automatically created in the background and available to you within minutes.

Best of all, any backup can be restored at any time by our team to restore your system to any point in time. With our reliable backup solutions you can ensure the integrity of your system and guarantee a fast recovery in case of an emergency. Rely on inwebco to protect your valuable data and reliably secure your systems!


inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder Erweiterung
inwebco ibexa / Page Builder Extension
We have used the accumulated experience of our projects and extended ibexa and Page Builder with some powerful improvements. These range from the implementation of common technologies, to the optimization of configurations or technical developments.
inwebco ibexa / Page Builder