Roadmap & Release Highlights

Hier erfahren Sie alles über die Roadmap und veröffentlichten Features der erweiterten Ibexa / Page Builder Lösung von inwebco!

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Our mission is to provide you with innovative solutions based on clear visions and ideas. In doing so, we set goals together with you and define the necessary steps to successfully implement your ideas. We record this development process in a detailed roadmap that provides you with a clear structure and orientation. Once we have successfully implemented your idea, we make it available as a release so that you can benefit from our innovative technology.

In the following, we would like to give you an insight into the upcoming features that we will integrate into our enhanced ibexa / Page Builder solution from inwebco. Under "Release Highlights" we also present the most important innovations that have already been successfully implemented into the system.


  • Extension of Content Sync (Cronjobs)
  • Extension of segmentation
  • Adaptation and sorting of the navigation in the backend

Release Highlights


  • Focus point adjustment in image processing mode
  • Optimization of module functions and bugfix
  • Change of many image formats, e.g. from JPEG to WebP
  • Segmentation
  • Sharing function within the network
  • Improvement of form functionality
  • Adaptation and sorting of content fields in the header area
  • Integrate interactive map module for Google Maps & OpenStreetMap
  • With the Content Sync (Cronjobs) content can be exported from one of your websites to other websites with one click.
  • Explanation texts and videos for content fields

Release Highlights


  • Multiple copying of teaser blocks within the edit mask
  • Interface provider issues fixed
  • Additional landing page layouts
  • Slider function in header
  • Translation Manager
  • New block Video
  • New block video
  • Logo extension
  • PopUP banner
  • Bugfixes