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WebChat Erklärung

Mit der WebChat-Lösung für Microsoft Teams können Sie einfach einen Chat auf Ihrer Website integrieren, um Ihren Besuchern und Kunden einen besonderen Service zu bieten.

Chat-Anfragen werden direkt in Ihrem Microsoft Teams Kanälen angezeigt und können so gezielt von Ihren Mitarbeitern bearbeitet werden. Dabei können Sie flexibel steuern, welche Chat-Anfragen in welchem Kanal angezeigt werden. Die Weiterleitung der Chats an andere Mitarbeiter ist dabei jederzeit möglich.

Ob Sie neue Kunden ansprechen oder bestehenden Kunden Unterstützung anbieten möchten: Die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten sind vielseitig.

Der WebChat kann einfach über den Google Tag Manager oder via Code-Snippet eingebunden werden.

Zusätzlich bieten wir Ihnen eine Vollintegration über die erweiterte inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder Lösung.

Individual Cats

Individual chats for specific landing pages make it possible, for example, for a visitor query on a job landing page on your website to be written to a corresponding Microsoft Teams "Human Resources" channel. In this way, responsible employees can quickly and easily answer the visitor's questions via chat.

Webchat für Microsoft Teams Flow

Channel assignment:

Access to who can see which channels is managed through Microsoft Teams. Private" rights can be used to create dedicated channels in your own teams, to which only selected employees have access.

These are channels that are created in addition to the existing structure in the different teams. Using the "Config" function, the corresponding Secrets were generated for the various channels. On the website these values are passed to the webchat at different places.

For example, on the page .../Inquiry a new WebChat is created in the team group "Sales" in the channel "Leads (WebChat)".

Microsoft Teams Kanäle

Preise - Hosted in Germany

39€ monatlich, bis zu 3 Secrets

390€ bei jährlicher Zahlung
With our Essential package you can embed the WebChat on an infinite number of subpages of your website.
You can assign a maximum of 3 Teams channels to your WebChats.

The first month is free for you.

69€ monatlich, bis zu 10 Secrets

690€ bei jährlicher Zahlung
With the Premium package, you can connect up to 10 individual teams channels to your WebChats in order to specifically assign the requests to the optimal contact persons. You can continue to integrate the WebChats on as many subpages as you wish.

The first month is free of charge for you.

In addition, this package gives you the option to visually customize the WebChat integration so that it fits seamlessly into your design.

Auf Anfrage

Individuelle Anzahl an Secrets
With our Enterprise package, you get a solution tailored to your needs to make the benefits of web chat as satisfying as possible for your customers and employees.

Furthermore, this solution allows you to set up Custom Teams Cards, which enable your employees to easily transfer a WebChat conversation to a CRM, Service Desk or via Custom Workflow to other systems for further processing.


1. App installieren

We provide our Microsoft Teams WebChat integration, which you simply upload to your Microsoft Teams platform to install WebChat.

2. Secret generieren

Über einen "Config"-Befehl im entsprechenden Teams-Kanal, kann ein Secret vom Chat-Bot generiert werden.

3. Webchat einbinden

Nutzen Sie das Code-Snippet, um den WebChat auf Ihrer Website anzubinden. Alternativ können Sie auch den Google Tag Manager verwenden. Als Kunde unserer erweiterten eZ Platform / Page Builder Lösung, können Sie die Anbindung direkt im CMS vornehmen.

Webchat in ibexa einbinden

Nutzen Sie das Code-Snippet, um den WebChat auf Ihrer Website anzubinden. Alternativ können Sie auch den #googletagmanager verwenden.

Integration in eZ Platform

As part of the extended inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder solution, we offer a direct integration of the webchat into the CMS.

This allows you to offer a WebChat for the entire website. In addition, you can address individual Microsoft Teams channels based on the landing page.

1. Chat benennen & Secret hinterlegen

To create a webchat in the CMS with the advanced eZ Platform / Page Builder solution from inwebco, create the appropriate Settings object and give the chat a name and store the previously generated Secret.

2. define default chat channel

In the "General Settings" you can define the default chat that will be displayed on all pages. For this purpose, the corresponding previously created chat is selected via the "Select content" selection button under the "Webchat" tab when editing the General Settings. This chat can be used for general inquiries, for example.

3. select chat

Navigate through the CMS objects and select the created chat as the default chat.

4. selected chat

Once the chat object is selected, you can save the settings and the web chat will be displayed on your website.

5. Individual Cats

In order to be able to offer separate chat channels on certain landing pages of your website, it is possible in the CMS to link a corresponding previously created channel on each content page under the "Webchat" tab. To do this, select the corresponding webchat object via the "Select content" area under the "Webchat" tab on a content page.

inwebco eZ Platform / Page Builder Erweiterung
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We have used the accumulated experience of our projects and extended ibexa and Page Builder with some powerful improvements. These range from the implementation of common technologies, to the optimization of configurations or technical developments.
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